Lab Report

Topics: Sulfuric acid, Copper, Zinc Pages: 3 (760 words) Published: February 3, 2013
# Now You See It – Copper Cycle Lab
The purpose of the lab is to discover what happens when someone executes a series of procedures, beginning with copper metal. What is done| What is observed|
1. Started with copper, Cu (s).| reddish, brownish, orange-ish, powder-like| 2. Added nitric acid, HNO3 (aq).| acid turns blue and smells like chlorine.| 3. Added water, H2O (l). | stayed the same|

4. Added sodium hydroxide, NaOH (aq).| changed consistency, gel-like | 5. Heated the mixture| becomes darker, dark-brown-like, shavings| 6. Filtered the solid and added sulfuric acid, H2SO4 (aq), to it. | sulfuric acid cleans off the copper| 7. Added zinc, Zn (s).| bubbles, zinc turns white|

8. Poured off liquid and rinsed| reddish specs, blue-ish liquid|

* 250 mL beaker
* 100 mL beaker
* 2 graduated pipettes
* 50 mL graduated cylinder
* Funnel and filter paper
* Spatula
* Copper power, o.i g
* 8 M nitric acid, HNO3, 2 mL
* 1 M sulfuric acid, H2SO4, 15 mL
* 8 M sodium hydroxide, NaOH, 2 mL
* Stirring rod
* Hot plate
* Beaker tongs
* Balance
* Zinc fillings, 0.1 g
Procedure| Symbol of chemical added| Observations| Formula and name of copper compound| What happened to the copper?| Got a sample of copper| Cu (s)| Orange-brown powder| Cu (s) solid copper powder| Nothing yet.| Added nitric acid| HNO3 (aq)| blue-ish liquid forms| Cu(NO3)2 (aq) copper nitrate| dissolves into liquid state| Added sodium hydroxide| NaOH (aq)| small blue-ish chunks form| CuOH (s)copper hydroxide| clumps into blue-ish chunks| Added heat (removes H2O)| none| solution becomes muddy black-ish| CuO (s)copper oxide| heated into small, black, metallic almost shards| Added sulfuric acid| H2SO4 (aq)| turns shards and liquid blue-ish color| CuSO4 (aq)copper sulfate| joins the sulfate after filtering| Added zinc| Zn (s)| small, orange, metallic shards form in blue liquid|...
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