Lab Report

Topics: Statistics, Arithmetic mean, Sample Pages: 2 (315 words) Published: May 21, 2013
Simple, no more than 20, 15 ample
Cross cultural drinking experience in 1st year students.

Summary of the research: 100-150 words
Introduction, method (drop of the design), Results (inferential statistic, Why is it significant), Discussion. Compose at the end.

About 800 words
Introduces the area theorem or topic etc.
Evidence (pull out the criticism)
H1: Extroverts have a higher pain threshold than introverts
H0: Extroverts do not have a higher pain threshold than introverts

Explain what your research design was, it can be an experiment between groups, it could be counterbalanced within groups, you must state your IV and your DV. Example: The experiment used a 3X3 between subjects design. This independent variables were age and understanding of second-order effects. The DV …. The SEQ scores from… Participants

Split participants by sex, age and sample size.
Example: There were N=30 first year psychology students…
No trivia Alcohol Use Questionnaires (AUQ; Mehrabian & Russell, 1978) Example: Questionnaires – make sure you reference
Step by Step instructions of what you did, make it simple so it can be easily repeated.

1) Introductory paragraph
2) 1st descriptive statistics
3)Tables, any graph
4)Inferential statistics

These data were collated by SPSS (SPSS,17)
Table one: Descriptive Statistics for Height and Sex in First Year Psychology Students.

Sex| Mean| S.D|
Female (n=38)| 165.3cm| 5.2|
Male (n=22)| 174.4cm| 6.8|
(Quick break down) Talk about the desperation so difference between variables. Just comment on the table. (DO NOT SAY ITS SIGNIFICANT)

Figure one :

Figure two:


Brief synopsis of results.
Accepting or rejecting the H1 or H0.
Pate each piece of evidence into the discussion, follow exactly the same trail. Make sure you have your Limitations....
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