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Topics: Copper, Zinc, Concentration Pages: 4 (839 words) Published: March 23, 2013
TUESDAY 27TH February 2013

This experiment is based on copper, to synthesize some copper compound using Copper (II) nitrate solution to obtain copper metal at the end. Changes of copper complexes when various are added and filtering out the precipitate by using Buchner funnel for vacuum filtration .The experiment started with preparation of copper (II) hydroxide and addition of copper oxide then addition of droplets of chloride complex. Then the addition of ammonium complex and the preparation of copper metal. And the vacuum filtration takes place. Introduction

Copper is a reddish-orange metal that is used widely in the electronics industry due to its properties of high ductility and conductivity. Results
Reagents| Appearance| Volume (or Mass)| Concentration (or Molar Mass)| Cu(NO3)2 (aq)| Light blue solution| 10 ml| 0.10 M|
NaOH (aq)| Clear solution| 20 ml | 2 M|
HCl (aq)| Clear solution| 20 drops| 6 M |
NH3 (aq)| Clear solution| 7 drops| 6 M|
H2SO4 (aq)| Clear solution| 15 ml | 1.5 M|
Zn dust| Silvery substance| 0.15 g| |
ethanol| Clear solution| 5 ml | |

Volume of Cu (NO3)2 (aq): 10 ml
Concentration of Cu (NO3)2 (aq): 0.10 M

Convert ml to l: 10 / 1000 = 0.010 liters

Using the formulae: concentration = moles / volume
Moles of Cu (NO3)2 (aq) = 0.001 moles

Mass of empty bottle = 6.00grams
Mass of empty bottle +copper metal =6.05grams
Mass of copper metal recovered after the experiment = 0.050 grams

Finding moles of copper:
Moles = mass/ Mr
= 0.050 / 63.55
=0.00079 moles

Volume of Cu (NO3)2 (aq): 10 ml
Concentration of Cu (NO3)2 (aq) : 0.10 M

Convert ml to l: 10 /...
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