Scientific Method

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The Scientific Method
In performing this experiment, students apprehend and grasp the concept of the “scientific method” and its segments. The scientific method is analytically preceded by researchers to answer a question(s). First, the analyst states the problem based on contemplations. Next, a hypothesis is formed, which means the analyst made an educated guess (solution) to the problem. Before an experiment is performed the analyst has to make a prediction. A prediction is what the person assumes the outcome of the experiment will be, if their hypothesis is precise. When making a prediction it is stated in a manner of “if…..then…” Then the analyst tests the hypothesis. The experiment is manipulated so that changes to one variable cause another to interchange in order to fit your hypothesis. Variables are facts or conditions that are changed. There are three main variables in the scientific method; dependent variable, independent variable and controlled variable. Dependent variable is variables affected by the independent variable. Independent variable is the variables being tested. Controlled variable is variables that remain constant in the experiment. In this experiment five males and five females whose pulse rate and respiratory rate were recorded before and after exercising, to determine cardiovascular fitness with respect to gender. The controlled variables were the environment conditions, same time-span (minutes to exercise) and the same stool. The dependent variables were pulse and respiratory rate based on gender and the independent variables were male and female. Purpose:

The purpose of this experiment was to study the scientific method and investigate the effect of gender on the cardiovascular fitness. Hypothesis:
Males have a better cardiovascular fitness than females.
If males have a better cardiovascular fitness, then their recovery respiratory and pulse rate should be better than that of females. Experiment:...
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