Stay Happy Till End of Your Life

Topics: Love, Marriage, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 12 (2077 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Are in love? or are you going to love some one? or are you newly married then this book is for you because this helps you what steps should follow in your daily life to stay happy till end of life.

Also this book guides, how can you and your next generation be a good human being

Hi Guys, I hope it will help you to be a good human being and to get your happiness with full of love and peace. For anything you can contact me on facebook -

2nd topic

True Love

True love is real love and very beautiful;
Without love human beings become doleful.

True love is such feelings I can't explain;
No one can describe by the paper and pen.

True love is a beautiful flower;
It smells all excellent forever.

Its powerful magic makes 2 to 1 by join;
One can't exist without another like a coin.

It creates such a great environment;
Sad time converts into a happy moment.

True love happens only once in a lifetime;
None can forget but remember every time.

Everyone is trying to find true love in their life;
In the world all have not the luck to get that knife.

I say, hey guys create true love pairs heartily;
One day our world will be turned into lovely.


do not have expertise on love because I didn’t try to

find true love until now. But – Yes I will try myself


According to my realization by reading books, the

current social environment, my friend circle, I try to

describe what true love means. True love is not blind

because it can’t do anything wrong.

What is true love? True love is the greatest

feelings that everyone wants to feel in their life, but it is

true that some in the world have the luck to meet the true

love of their life. That is the most charming thing, because

it is one shared heavenly feeling. When you meet

someone and fall in love with him or her – that is not true


True love is a close friendship. Friendship is one

of the greatest relationships in the world, so without

friendship no one can live in the world. True love has a

100% positive effect on your thoughts which give

happiness to husband and wife, and even to the whole

family. The meaning of love can’t really be explained; it

has to be experienced by heart because the heart only

speaks the language of the soul, and in true love two

hearts join into one.

True love is forever. True love is the pleasure of

doing for others. True love means understanding. One

trusts another blindly more than him or herself, and feels

ready to satisfy every little need of a partner as to make

him or her happy. True love means thinking of only one

person all the time, being prepared to sacrifice everything

in order to see a sweet smile on someone’s face, ignoring

the mistakes of the person with whom you are in love, and

making changes in your personality in order to please

someone special.

In true love, you should not feel any hesitation in

sharing any type of thought with someone, you should

feel happy in their moments of joy and shed tears at their

moments of sadness, and not give attention to anyone

except for whom you are in love. True love means that a

person loves you more than yourself and never allows you

to go at any cost. When you need him or her the most,

they will be there to hold your hand and to assure you that

things are going to be okay, so that he or she feels...
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