Stay at My Grandparents House Was a Great Experience

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Kimberly Wimberly
Janet Kirchner
Intermediate Writing
August 18th 2010
My grandparent’s House
My grandparents lived at 5501 Oldham in Lincoln Nebraska. It was a small 2-bedroom home with a large backyard. My grandparents bought their home as a young couple with two small children. They soon added 2 more children, one of them being my mother.

Every holiday and family gathering was held at my grandparent’s house. Everything from birthdays to Christmas the whole family gathered. My grandparents had 4 children and 13 grandchildren. Somehow, we all seemed to fit in this small home.

There was a lot of fun to be had at their house. In the corner of the backyard was the swing set. Next to the swing set was grandma’s garden. Grandma Martin grew rhubarb, carrots, tomatoes, lettuce, sweet peas and peppers. In the far corner of the garden were Morning Glories. We would try to wake up early enough to see the flowers bloom. In front of the garden was a row of cherry trees. We loved to pick cherries for grandma to make into jam. To the right of the cherry trees was a giant lilac bush. The neat thing about the lilac bush was that it had grown in a cave like shape. We used to play for hours under the lilac bush. We would set up house and make rhubarb tea and salads along with our mud pies. The grass was always very green and there was a slight hill in the middle of the yard. We would run the wagons up and down the hill. Against the right side fence was grandpa’s workbench. My mom and dad made it for him for Fathers Day. Occasionally he would send one of us out to get something off his workbench and you would hear a loud bang. Grandpa was known for booby-trapping his workbench. No one ever got hurt it was just something Grandpa did.

Holidays were extra special at their house. For the fourth of July, all my cousins blankets and watch the fireworks. Back then, we could see the firework display at Holmes Lake Park. We all had a great time. In the...
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