Irish Ethnic Essay

Topics: Family, Eating, Food Pages: 2 (563 words) Published: October 10, 2012
Ethnic Essay
What is my heritage? Where did I come from? Am I descended from one culture or am I a cornucopia of different cultures? Heritage has never sparked my interest. Therefore, I know very little about my family history. However I do know I am almost all the way Irish, and we have a couple traditions but the most important tradition that we have has always been the same since 1968.

I grew up with a few household traditions that I consider to be a part of my ethnic background. To begin with, I would consider my family to practice some Irish traditions. We always have Thanksgiving together at one of the cousin’s house. It is turns into an all-day drinking and eating celebration. I might not know all the reasons behind this celebration and what I consider a part of my family tradition, but it is still a part of my ethnic background in my opinion. We switch houses every year and this year it is going to be at my house. I love this tradition because of the food and just being able to get together as a family and see one another and actually sit and talk with each other. Also every year since 1968 my family has always gone down to our Manasota beach house and celebrated Christmas Eve down there. Ever sense I was little I remember going down there every year. It was not just my immediate family but it was with the whole family. Every year we would always go to a church service. After the Church service there was always a petting zoo, so every year, if we were good in church we would get to feed them. We brought little snacks to feed them, like carrots or celery and it would always help us get through the mass while still being good. Finally after church and feeding the animals it was time to go back to Mommom’s, that’s my grandma, house to eat.

I love to eat so that was always my favorite part. We would have the same food every year. We would have ham, mashed potatoes, macaroni & cheese, rolls, and many other amazing foods. We would always have two...
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