Child Observation Paper

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  • Published : October 19, 2010
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Child Observation Paper
Barbara A. Shaw
BSHS 361
August 23, 2010
Alma Armendariz

Child Observation Paper
Jeremy is an 18-month-old boy of Jemez Pueblo decent. Jeremy currently resides with his mother, grandmother, great grandmother, great grandfather, 3-year-old sister and 2-week-old brother. Jeremy lives on the Jemez reservation that is located about one hour away from Albuquerque, New Mexico. The reservation is very poor. This tribe consists of about 5,000 members and does not receive any type of government support. The house they live in is a two bedroom adobe style home. The mother works as a certified nursing assistant making minimum wage. The great grandfather had a stroke two years ago and requires full time care. The tribe is currently paying the grandmother a wage to take care of her father. The grandmother is retired and does receive a small pension. Jeremy shares a room with his mother, sister, grandmother and the new baby. Most people would read the above description and come to the conclusion that this family must be miserable and cramped and possibly unhappy. That would be the furthest thing from the truth. The family all help each other with everything. The love in this household is apparent from the moment you walk in the door. The children are very happy and do not seem to realize that they are lacking in material possessions. Food is always abundant in this house and tastes wonderful. Extended family members are always over to visit, eat or help in any way. Jeremy has many cousins to play with all the time. Everyone is always so friendly when anyone shows up at the house and they share what little they have with all. Jeremy’s behavior

On Tuesday August 17, 2010 I had the pleasure of spending time with Jeremy and his family. There was family already present and Jeremy was playing with two of his cousins that are around the same age. The children were running around the house and trying to catch each other. On one...
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