Statistics and Prevention of Gonorrhea and Chlamedia in New Mexico

Topics: Sexually transmitted disease, Chlamydia infection, Sexual intercourse Pages: 6 (1527 words) Published: February 18, 2013
Gonorrhea and Chlamydia: If you don’t want infection, use protection! Santa Fe Community College
Nursing 111


There are a plethora of sexually transmitted diseases that exist in our society today. Two of the most well-known and highly contractible STIs are Gonorrhea and Chlamydia. These STIs are especially prevalent among people ages15-19. Because this age group encompasses high school students, and as nurses and thusly teachers, we find it necessary to impart what information we can about these infections to high school students. Therefore, our teaching project encompasses the topics of Gonorrhea and Chlamydia.

Client Population

The client population that we will be teaching is high school students. People of this age group are generally 15-19 years of age. Here in New Mexico, the population is predominately White and Hispanic. However, there is a wide range of ethnicities in the state, so we will be sure to be culturally sensitive in broaching our topics. High school students are motivated to learn about sex and topics revolving around sex because they are experiencing puberty and the increasing desire to have sex. Whether the students are sexually active now or not, it will benefit them to know about infectious diseases associated with having sex and how to protect themselves. While trying to impart information about sex and related factors to high school students, there will be many obstacles and barriers to overcome. Students of this age range are still learning how to be comfortable in their own skin, let alone be comfortable with talking about sex. Inevitably we would have to deal with and work around the students laughing, making jokes, and talking to one another. To make the students as comfortable as possible, we would put ourselves on their level from the start of our presentation. We would do this by using appropriate humor and language appropriate to the age group.

Assessment of the Learning Needed

We will assess our audience’s learning need by asking them questions such as:

* “Does anyone know what Chlamydia is?”
* “Does anyone know what Gonorrhea is?”  
* “Has anyone here ever known anyone who’s had either of these infections? If so, what happened?” * “Can both guys and girls get these infections?”   * “If you contract one of these infections, do you know what that looks like, or what any of the symptoms are?” * “If you think you might have Chlamydia or Gonorrhea, do you know where to get tested?” * “If you think you might have Chlamydia or Gonorrhea, do you know how the infection is treated?”

Nursing Diagnosis
Primary nursing diagnosis:
* Deficient knowledge related to lack of exposure and embarrassment about the topic, shame, and fear as evidenced by multiple questions and inappropriate or exaggerated behaviors.

Learning Outcomes

Students will verbalize the methods of transmission, symptoms, prevention, and treatment of Chlamydia and Gonorrhea. This will be demonstrated by students answering several questions on each topic that will be posed to the class. Students will demonstrate knowledge of the situations in which it is important to get tested for STI’s, where they can get tested, what services are available to them, and what their rights are as teenagers. This knowledge will be demonstrated by students answering several questions on each topic that will be posed to the class, and by open ended discussion with the students. Students will demonstrate understanding of the importance of using STI prevention methods such as abstinence and use of condoms. This knowledge will be demonstrated through an open-ended discussion, guided by the instructors, in which the students will logically draw their own conclusions of the importance of the use of prevention methods based on the information provided in the lecture. Students will also be able to demonstrate proper condom use. This knowledge will be demonstrated by the...
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