Research Paper on Herpes

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  • Published : January 11, 2012
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Sexually transmitted diseases or STD's are infectious diseases that can be Spread by sexual contact. Some can also be transmitted by nonsexual means, But these make up a majority of the total number of cases. An estimated 10 to 12 million Americans have sexually transmitted diseases, several kinds of Which are epidemic, including gonorrhea, infections of the urethra not caused By gonorrhea genital herpes virus genital warts, scabs and urethral and vaginal Infections caused by the bacterium Chlamydia trachomatis the protozoan Trichonomas and the yeast monilia. A number of surveys have shown that Sexually transmitted diseases in the United States affect people of both sexes, Of all races, and of every economic status.

The symptoms of herpes vary depending upon the sex that you are. Mostly in Women the initial infection occurs about three weeks after the sexual contact with The contagious person. During this first stage, the infected area becomes Extremely painful and swollen. An itchy sensation occurs in the vulva or vagina And is followed by fevers, headaches, or flu like symptoms. After that blisters Begin to form, these blisters or sores that have formed can last up to one week or 10 days. After they rupture and new skin is formed the immune system makes a Defense on this disease. In male’s pain, tenderness, or itching sensations occur Before the blisters that are located around the penis.

The danger of herpes is the same for sexes; men and women. Herpes is a Inconvenient and uncomfortable disease that fortunately cause few medical Complications. Most of the real damage that happens to a woman is the Unwanted social stigma. Herpes attacks a woman's control of her own body. Studies have shown a slight increase of developing cervical cancer due to the Herpes virus. If you have...
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