Statement of Purpose/Personal Statement: Applying for Media and Computer Management Program at Xxxxx University

Topics: Education, Media studies, Communication studies Pages: 2 (471 words) Published: November 24, 2010
Statement of Purpose

By Abudabi dabi Dabi

Applying for Media and Computer Management Program

Hello distinguished committee members, my name is Abudabi dabi Dabi, and I am interested in applying for the Media and Computer Management Program. I have had a passion for this industry since I was a child, and am interested in pursuing my education at xxxxx University to continue my education in an effort to put me in a position to meet the challenges of my life goals and career goals which include working within the television and Mass Communications and Computer field. My education includes having graduated with a BA in Mass Communication, Computers and Media from the xxxxx University. Because of xxxx (insert important family member), I was able to participate in many administrative and managerial roles within his enterprises, including production meetings, attending and moderating forums, arranging exhibitions, teaching at workshops and speaking as a guest speaker at symposiums. I understand the responsibility of being honest and open within this field, and know that I have much more to learn. It was during this time that I realized what my life’s purpose will be, and understand that it will be something that I will have to manage on my own – through receiving the best education possible, and dedicating my life to making this dream of one unified communication network come true. You see, I have been given a divine roadmap, and I am blessed that I am capable of understanding how to read this plan for my life. My long-term plan is to eventually develop a media network and University for students of all countries, within xxxxx country and southern Asia, so that men and women just like myself, will have the opportunities to better themselves and continue their educations no matter what their socio-economic status within their country. I want to develop a University with online courses for students who speak all languages, including Arabic, Urdu, Farsi,...
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