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  • Published : May 10, 2013
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Accounting software is a computerized version of old-fashioned accounting ledgers and journals. Rather than using paper ledgers to record information, accounting software allows us accountants to maintain electronic much needed records of financial transactions. The world of financial management has been completely transformed by the addition of computer accounting software. The greatest advantage of computer accounting software is that these applications create a much higher degree of accuracy and speed. Moreover, the ability to watch where a company stands financially and their production, all in real time, is an additional advantage for the company that uses accounting software Even the most old school accountants have turned towards these new methods never returning to the pen, paper and calculator methods that they'd been using all along. During my internship , the accounting software that I was introduced to was Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains. This is a system that I have never used before and have been learning a great deal about it in the past few months. The main reason why the company I work for chooses to use accounting software is to improve the company’s security of sensitive financial information. The software also allows the company to limit employee access to accounting information which is a primary function of safeguarding the company’s assets as I learned in my Audit and Assurance class. Furthermore, the major benefit to using Great Plain is so that can maintain and improve the accuracy and validity of financial information Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains is a very efficient easy to use accounting software. It allows you to do all functions of accounting, from preparing journal entries to adjusting financial statements, everything is at a click of a button. It maintains vendor records, accounts payables, invoices, bills, everything an accountant needs to operate effectively. For example, I have become very familiar with the sales ledger which...
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