Sage vs Excel

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  • Published : April 14, 2009
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Table of Contents Introduction 2 Ease of Use 2 Security 4 Control and Compliance with Financial Reporting 5 Usefulness of Information produced 6 Conclusion 7 Appendix A: Reference 8 EXCEL VS. SAGE LINE 50 Introduction Ease of Use Other than sales, purchases and expenses being keyed in for Sage has more systematic approach than Excel as it has a flow for the user to trail. Another advantage of Sage would be the handling of stock which stock inflow and outflow could be track with the system compare to Excel which has database to trail stock. As from MTT has a problem with the stock as there are short sales of stock which could be indentify by Sage as stock being release more than inventory and transaction will be prohibited from carrying out; while Excel would follow the transaction to be entered. This has shows that accounting software has an advantage over normal spreadsheet. Security Security of accounts is important which prevent pilfering of accounts data which would be of importance to MTT, such accounts and information would be valuable to rival companies as it shows position of MTT; with this security of accounts are essential to be conceal that security measure would come in. While such occurrence such as computer crime which is manipulation of computer data (Bagranoff, p.209) and computer abuse is unauthorized user have access to data of great significance (Bagranoff, p.209) Users has control to such data would have manipulated accounts data on the computer. By this, Sage has a great interface which prevents this from happening by implementing the password system that allows specific users to access the accounts and make changes; unlike the Excel which unless change would have access by everyone. Therefore, sense of security Sage has a better hand regarding this, furthermore harder to be viewed without the software of Sage 50 which would be only users with such use would obtain this software. Additionally, modification accounts by way of Sage...
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