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Bryant McGill had said, ‘Ambition is not what a man would do, but what a man does, for ambition without action is fantasy.’ My ambition is to include the name of my family business in the top 100 Financial Companies of the world. I have always dreamt to see my name amongst internationally acclaimed JP Morgan, Merrill Lynch & in India companies like Religare & India Infoline ltd. To reach there, I will have to act and that’s why I happen to apply to your esteemed University for my Masters.

Actually, I did masters in finance and international business. And have a corporate experience more than two years. I am certified form national stock exchange of India and derivatives currency trader.

Like every other student when I was 15 years old, I had to make a career decision for myself. At that point of time, I chose to enter the field of Finance and make a mark for myself. It was quiet obvious that I would want to get into this field. My father like stock market business, I grew up observing the elders in my family discuss Debts, Equities, Premiums, Principal amounts, the turnover figures of the various clients and so on. These discussions ultimately led me to gain interest in the field of finance. I gradually came to appreciate the importance of finance in the modern world. I quickly wanted to grow up and join them however that never happened. I had to complete my Bachelors, intern under various reputed financial companies and work my hard way up to where I am now. I was exposed to the real corporate world and the finance industry’s working for the first time. During my Bachelor’s, part time job Economics and Finance impressed upon me the importance of the financial sector in the economy. The practical experience during my job gave me a new confidence to go ahead and learn more, as I thoroughly enjoyed working for this industry. What I most enjoyed was facing a challenging situation like planning a basket of customized financial products for a few High Networth Income (HNI) clients taking into consideration the market scenario and their risk taking appetite at that point. This service was instrumental in turning them as our permanent clients.   Through case studies and lectures, I broadened my understanding of economic principles while learning about management and its relationship to finance. This was particularly fascinating at the time because the global financial crisis of 2009 was wreaking havoc on economies and businesses around the world, and the theories that we learned were directly applicable to the current events in the news. Currently, my work profile is in property and financial advisor, wherein I am currently working on loan against property. When I had started work in financial sector, the most interesting and challenging home loan and over draft limit. I have learnt in the process that corporate finance consultants not only develop great relationship with banks and financial institutions (FI), but also understand the appetite and liking of each bank/FI towards the various industries. When the clients approach investment bankers, they not only prepare a project report, but also decide the right bank to be approached for particular industry/project. Thus, during my work on loan against property, I learnt to solve the complications and understand the importance of project finance consultants, specifically funding in the Investment banking industry. It is due to my understanding of the importance of finance and investment, coupled with my longstanding interest for this subject that I have decided to pursue postgraduate studies in finance at your prestigious University. A Master’s Degree in Finance would ideally complement my graduate degree in Banking. I have chosen to pursue master’s studies in the UK because it is home to many of the leading financial professionals and institutions in the world. The recent financial crisis has transformed the finance industry, and studying...
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