Statement of Purpose

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  • Published : November 7, 2011
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Influence, inspiration, joy, perfectionism, creativity and dynamism … These are what fashion means to me. The function of fashion for me is its attraction on masses, despite it changes quickly, it inhales people into that massive change every season. Following fashion feels like watching a different vivid carnival. The reason I am writing this statement of purpose letter is the desire of studying fashion management in your academy for the next semester

Now, I live in Istanbul which is a very developing city on worldwide fashion sector. I studied Business Administration at Istanbul Bilgi University in which the campus is very inspiring and also hosted Istanbul Fashion Week. This led me get closer to fashion. I have been most of the fashion shows as they occurred at our college. Seeing runway and the new collections of designers from our country, Turkey, have always excited me. I chose to get educated in business administration because I think that sales&marketing, budgeting and economics should be considered together with fashion sector. Recently, I have been attending a-one-year certificate program about Fashion Management at Istanbul Bilgi University. During the program, I met many Turkish designers, fashion editors, brand managers and fashion buyers. By the help of that certificate program, I had the chance of listening to the experiences of people leading the fashion sector in Turkey. As I have wanted to gain experience at business life, I worked at our family company which deals with both textile and food sector. I preferred to be included in marketing and customer relations department. At university I had internship at a textile company owned by my family. I worked at customer relations department and my duty was managing traffic between the company and customers. My second internship experience was working at company which is in food sector. My duty at that position was contributing to company in the marketing field by contacting the customers...
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