What Is a Fashion Director?

Topics: Interpersonal relationship, Director, Movement director Pages: 2 (467 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Speech #1 Outline - Career Speech

Purpose: To inform audience about the career of a Fashion Director

Intro: The fashion industry is something I've always wanted to be involved in since I was young, and I knew I had no choice but to make a career out of it. Many people are skeptical of any career within the fashion industry, well, in my opinion, only because they think you won't benefit from it or be able to find a job at all. But in actuality, fashion is always changing and the demand for people with the knowledge is always going to be there, and that's what interests me the most.

I. Details of position - duties + responsibilities (what fashion directors do)
1. He/she work as a combination of a producer/director/advisor/consultant/manager
a. Interact with magazine editors, photographers, models
b. Duty to create a unified look across fashion divisions of a store/fashion house/magazine
c. Keep up to date with the latest trends and promote them on what ever project is being worked on
d. Identify target markets for designs/projects
e. Research future trends

II. Skills (what it takes to be a fashion director)
a. be able to think creatively, pay attention to detail - developing, designing, creating new ideas
b. be able to establish and maintain interpersonal relationships - have to be able to work and cooperate with others and maintain them over time, coaching others as well
c. good communication with everyone - representing your organization to the public
d. being organized - as a fashion director your projects can be pretty broad so being able to stay organized will help tremendously
e. ability to research new trends and keep up with them - always changing

III. Salary/education
1. Education
a. Bachelor's degree in any field of fashion - ex. fashion merchandising, textile science, fashion design [mymajors website]
b. Lots of careers require some sort of experience in the field - internships help you get a feel of...
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