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Topics: Person, Method acting Pages: 4 (901 words) Published: December 11, 2012
sn 1601. A method of bringing about gradual, low-risk change in an organization by changing the tasks to make them more interesting and challenging is: A) Strategic planning
B) Force field analysis
C) Job redesign
D) Total Quality Management
2. Assuring that there are foods at a work party that are acceptable to all employees is an example of: A) Bias
B) Empathy
C) Inclusivity
D) Predjudice
3. Suggestions for telephone manners include:
A) Answering promptly and correctly.
B) Hanging up abruptly if the caller has a wrong number.
C) Leaving people on hold as long as necessary.
D) None of the above.
4. The development of power can be hindered by:
A) Being aggressive and coming on too strong at inappropriate times. B) Not learning how to take risks.
C) Being willing to make decisions.
D) None of the above.

5. You can develop a good telephone personality by:
A) Remembering to call callers "dear" and "sweetie".
B) Being alert, sounding pleasant, and speaking clearly and distinctly. C) Sounding extremely "business-like"; very formal, curt, and impersonal. D) Learning to sing into the phone while your caller is on hold. 6. To be an effective leader, you must:

A) Manipulate people.
B) Be in a management position in the organizational hierarchy. C) Deal directly with people, develop rapport with them, apply appropriate persuasion, inspire them, and influence them. D) Exert power over them.

7. Effective customer realtions are:
A) important only in a small company.
B) an important part of an organization's marketing strategy. C) unimportant in determining whether customers return.
D) unimportant in most large companies.
8. Work styles that consist of doing one thing at a time and following plans closely are called: A) Polychronic
B) Kodachronic
C) Monochronic
D) Pygmalian
9. Individuals who genuinely enjoy accepting responsibility and thrive on the effective use of power are called: A) Power shy
B) Power compulsive
C) Power positive
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