Admissions Essay for Fashion School

Topics: Learning, Career, Retailing Pages: 2 (636 words) Published: April 19, 2011
 Fashion is not restricted to only clothing and beauty.  Fashion is an outlet in which I use to express my feelings.  When choosing an outfit to wear, my mood overpowers my senses and my outfit becomes a reflection of my spirit, who I am and my personal style. But, fashion also takes inspiration from other aspects as well, such as, music, art and overall, culture. Fashion reflects a person’s character and disposition; and these are the influences that fuel my passion for fashion. The education I wish to acquire at The Art Institute of Vancouver will shape the person I wish to become by helping me achieve my future aspirations and career goals. Growing up, I often found myself day dreaming of a career in fashion; these dreams included fashion editor, personal and visual stylist, fashion show coordinator, retail manager, and boutique owner. Although these are all very different careers they are all achievable through this programs unique combination of creativity and practical industry knowledge, which is why I am choosing an education in Fashion Marketing and Management. The Fashion Marketing and Management course at The Art Institute of Vancouver opens up numerous opportunities for creative, fun and exciting careers in the fashion industry. As I learnt more about the possible career goals from this course the more enticing it became. After graduation I wish to contribute to the fashion industry with my personal aspirations and the valuable education gained at The Art Institute of Vancouver. I plan on doing so by using the visual and personal styling skills I will acquire from the variety of courses taught to inspire and encourage the public and clients to show who they are while pursuing a personal style all their own. Secondly, I wish to use all of my newly gained and valued education to create a system that will change customer relation in retail outlets as well as online; combining the ideas I have prior to attending The Art Institute of Vancouver with the...
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