Statement of Purpose

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  • Published : April 20, 2013
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Statement of Purpose
Master’s Applicant, Fall 2010


Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things.”

 - Peter Drucker 

I wish to pursue a Masters in Finance with modules related to financial modelling, and managing investment portfolios. My curiosity to understand the world of business led me to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Management Studies. During this three-year program, I had the opportunity to understand several facets of a business and the various drivers, enablers and levers that can sustain or derail a business. I was most fascinated by the financial management aspects of a business and therefore have keen interest in specialising in this field. The current economic climate has demonstrated that theoretical knowledge of financial instruments and tools is clearly not enough. This has to be supplemented by robust policies and a deep ethical conscience that drives policy making and practice. I aspire to deepen my understanding of applied finance at such a holistic level and learn from the experts in the field.

 Since my school days I have been a bright student. I was passionate about mathematics, chemistry and physics and thus pursued science for two years of my undergraduate studies. During this time, I studied Derivatives, Correlation and Regression, Linear Programming Problems, Integration, Matrices and Basic Statistics. I thoroughly enjoyed using my analytical skills and my inclination towards mathematics grew stronger. I became more aware of my strengths and that I enjoyed problem solving.   Throughout the course Quantitative Methods of Business, Management and Cost accounting, Managerial Economics, Financial Management and Financial Accounting fascinated me. This fascination triggered my aspiration to gain more knowledge in these subjects.

My decision to pursue a career in applied finances was further strengthened by my internship experience. While working with Pepe Jeans (PJL CLOTHING INDIA LIMITED) as...
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