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Organizational Behavior
Drew Foster

A. Initial Thinking About My Career3
B. Self Knowledge and Awareness4
EPIC 2: Career Leader Work Interest Scores4
EPIC 3: Career Leader Work Profile5
EPIC 4: Chosen Self-Assessment Results5
C. Career Exploration and Plan12
EPIC 5: Three Jobs That Interest Me12
EPIC 6: Most Desired Job14
EPIC 7: Two Potential Companies15
EPIC 8: Summary of Interview16
EPIC 9: Three-Year Plan18

EPIC 10: Current Resume 20a
D. Reflection and Learning20
EPIC 11: Two Important Learnings About Myself20
EPIC 12: Two Important Learnings About the Career Planning Process21
EPIC 13: Two Important Learnings Related to Organizational Behavior22
E. Uniquely Me23

A. Initial Thinking About My Career

I was not quite sure what I wanted to do when I first came to Providence College. However, after some contemplation and experience through introductory courses, I have decided that I would like to pursue a career in finance. I have always been an analytical person with a knack for using numbers in various ways. The first career that comes to mind would be a financial analyst. I understand that this sector of finance is extremely competitive and would take a lot of time and effort starting at an entry-level position to ultimately achieve my goal of becoming an analyst at a respected bank, but I am also a hard worker. The marks that I have received throughout my academic career are not solely because I am an intelligent person; it takes a lot of time and effort—and ambition—to accomplish such things. The position of a financial analyst also appeals to me because I know that these individuals are not simply crunching numbers alone behind a desk all day. Rather, they often work in teams—something I have done my entire life through sports.

This leads me to my next possible career: a financial product wholesaler. A wholesaler basically sells products designed by financial research companies to investors and retailers. This involves much traveling, but this idea appeals to me greatly. From the age of seven I have played travel sports, and even though I missed many school events throughout my childhood and adolescence, traveling has always been a favorite part of my life. A product wholesaler does an extremely large amount of traveling giving presentations to different potential clients throughout different parts of the country. I think that this would be an enjoyable experience while also pursuing my interests. The only drawback of this career are the trade-offs that would have to be made with regards to spending time with family. If I were to ever become a product wholesaler, it would definitely be something that I would choose to do for a few years before I get married and eventually have a family of my own. Nonetheless, it would definitely be a great learning experience. Of course, there are several other things that somebody could choose to do with good analytical skills, such as the stock market and investing, which have always been great interests of mine. The market is hard to predict; it is dangerous, and one choice could lose many people millions of dollars. In a way, it is sort of like betting on horses- as I do each summer at the Saratoga Race Track. It is important not to treat investing as a game, but I do think that this aspect of the industry is what makes it interesting. Developing a sound (and lucrative) investment strategy is something that I would very much like to do. B. Self Knowledge and Awareness

Type: Introversion; Sensing; Feeling; Perceiving
EPIC 2: Career Leader Work Interest Scores
Quantitative Analysis: 81
Creative Production: 70
Enterprise Control: 62
Coaching and Mentoring: 58
Application of Technology: 49
Theory Development and Research: 39
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