Statement of Purpose

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My fascination towards computer started way back when I was 10 years old and my father brought home a computer. In those days computer was merely a mode of fun and entertainment but as years went by, I understood the real potential of Computers and my liking towards computers has grown ever since.The field of Computer Science interests me because of its rigorous mathematical nature and it’s wide ranging applications. I always had a strong liking towards maths which is evident from my consistent performances in mathematics subjects since school. Hence, I chose Computers as my undergraduate subject and the urge to obtain an in-depth understanding and specialized knowledge has made me opt for Graduate studies in the same field.

My strong inclination towards science and my good performance in academics helped me to take a step forward towards pursuing a career in Computer Science and to seek admission at K J Somaiya College of Engineering, one of the premier Engineering institutions in Mumbai, India.

Though I was exposed to some aspects of Computer Science in my last two years of high school, a comprehensive foundation in all the fields of Computer Science began after I entered my Engineering College. In my Engineering Course, I studied subjects like Database Management Systems, Computer Networks, Computer graphics, Data Structures and Computer Simulation and modeling(CSM) etc. The excellent facilities, courses and faculty have given me a firm background of the fundamentals in Computer Science. I have always adopted a rigorous approach in order to attain an in-depth Knowledge of the subject at hand.

Within Computer Science, my specific interests lies in the fields on Computer Systems and Databases. These fields ,in particular, interests me because of its wide potential as well as the vast applications possible. The emerging technology of CLOUD COMPUTING which involves the blend of Computer Networks ,Databases etc has...
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