Mis Sop

Topics: Computer network, Computer science, Wireless sensor network Pages: 3 (860 words) Published: December 19, 2012
MS CS, FALL 2008

I can still recall my entry to the world of engineering. Those days were fun-filled as the technical festival of our college was on. Being an amateur then, I was thrilled to see students maneuver powerful robots and stare at the computer screens for various programming events. Even glowing of an L.E.D. or the correct output of a trivial program would fascinate me. Three enriching years have flown by quickly. However, the zeal never sagged and continued to hike. Now, as I sit down to evaluate my future goals, I recollect one of my professors’ words-‘Engineering is an ocean of courses and the undergraduate study just introduces them to us’. Reflecting upon that thought, I am more than convinced that I want to pursue my Masters in computer science.

My affinity for computer subjects dates back to high school where I had taken up computer science as my vocational subject. These two years laid a strong foundation for my future. A splendid performance at the entrance exam meant that I could pursue my interests and do computer engineering in VJTI- one of the finest technical schools in India. In these years, I have gradually developed interest in the an array of fields like algorithms, automata theory and artificial intelligence. However, I have been specifically attracted to the field of computer networks and would like to specialize in it. The logic in it is truly uncomplicated and yet water-tight.

My first brush with practical execution occurred as early as in the 3rd semester, while making an autonomous robot with sensors programmed through the computer parallel port. However, it did not work as intended. After gaining considerable knowledge and experience, I built another robot, this time with an on-board processor. Programming it was, beyond doubt, a daunting task. I made numerous futile attempts before making a basic line follower. Developing my logical and analytical skills through courses in the next semesters, I...
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