Sop for Mis

Topics: Information systems, Academic degree, Information Pages: 3 (991 words) Published: April 22, 2012
I have always believed to set a goal, focused on it, achieve the goal and then again set another goal to achieve that. With the work experience of two years that has imparted the basic skills and knowledge of the professional field; I would like to put my next step to achieve my goal by pursuing Master degree in Management Information System. Information technology is a further step to mankind. After completing my under graduate study in Computer Engineering, I worked in a software company where I got chance to hone my mind in the information management field. Working as a software engineer mainly in the database field for the two projects in the Inland Revenue Department and Nepal Telecom, my main assignments were to handle the information in a systematic and secure way. I was part of the software team from the preliminary investigation of the software development to the final review. And here where I knew the importance of the data and data turned information. My working environment is also one of the motivating factors that pushed me towards obtaining a degree in Information System. During my under graduate studies, I with my three friends undertook projects in library management system and Regional Information Provider (A project on Geographical Information System), both focusing on how we can collect the data, how we can process them and how we can get the result. Our project paper proposes the two major factors in the field of management and information system: First, how we can formulate the data. And, secondly, how we can get the secure information and store the information. The Library Management System was a project which demonstrated about the items (mainly books) owned by the library, availability of the items and information of the students who have borrowed the items. Similarly, Regional Information Provider was my major project which visualizes the concept of Geographical Information System. It was built using the Arc View 3.0 software. It...
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