Why I Chose Computer Science as My Career Objective

Topics: Software engineering, Bachelor's degree, Computer science Pages: 3 (1015 words) Published: February 13, 2013

The Curiosity and abstract thinking are the most fascinate drivers that encourage me to choose Computer Science as my Career objectives and the motivation to pursue the graduate program in Computer Science at the University of Houston Clear Lake. Science and technology has always been a fascination to me from my childhood. The articles about inventions in the field of science and technology intensified my interests in pursing higher studies in technology. In late nineties, I was fortunate enough to get exposure to computers and computer based electronic gadgets and it amplified my interest in exploring computer science field. I started learning about computer programming fundamentals during my high school education though programming was not a part of the curriculum and I was well versed in C and C++ by the time I left high school and Joined in a Bachelor of Engineering Program. The unique Bachelor of Engineering program at Institute of Aeronautical Engineering College (Affiliated to JNT University), offered a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology at the end of four years. The most unique thing about the course is that, we take courses in all the branches of Computer i.e. hardware as well as software. It also included Electronic Communication which made the concepts of telecommunication quite clear. I spent a fair amount of time learning core concepts of computer science such as Micro Processor Architecture and Programming, Compiler Design, Data structures, Operating Systems, Programming principles, User Interface programming, software engineering etc. Apart from software principles, I pursued advanced mathematical principles such as calculus, probability and statics. This in turn helped me to improve my programming skills immensely. Classroom seminars were best source for my advancement in learning new trends in technology and always took an active role in giving seminars.   I organized, managed and coordinated...
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