A Perfect Tech Nerd

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  • Published : February 26, 2013
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A perfect Tech nerd
From an early age, I've been deeply fascinated by computing. I was first introduced to this gadget, my 30 pounds Pentium 1, by my dad when I was just nine. I was immediately struck by this incredible machine that seemed to take a life of its own. This sparked the desire to learn more about computers, to learn about how they work; a desire that still drives me to this day. More than anything, I always imagined a computer as more than just any machine unlike the other electronics in our house; certainly given the amount of time I would spend on a computer, it was more human to me than most of my family members and friends These were still the days when most people in Pakistan did not have access to computers. However, I wanted to go beyond merely learning to play simple games. As soon as I got my first internet connection, a 28K dial up modem, I discovered an online community filled with wonders and information about all kinds of stuff. It was then that I set for myself the goal that I would teach myself everything and anything about computers and how they were configured Although I formally started studying computer sciences when I was in high school, I began my informal studies when I was merely 12 . However, I had always been fascinated by numbers and was naturally apt at performing computations in my head. As such, I found the laws and computations performed in science very logical and as such pursued physics and chemistry during these years. This further chiseled my analytical and evaluation skills. Although I have grown older, my interest in computers and computing has not faded I have never allowed it to be restricted to classrooms and school life. In the last 15 months, I have self-taught myself to create my own browser using Visual Basic. I have also been learning Java and Python and have managed to create automated testing frameworks while building a lot of other internal tools. Besides this, I sometimes collaborate with friends, both...
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