Computer Engineering Ethics

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  • Published: September 23, 2009
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Learning Outcomes

At the end of this class the course participant should be able to:  Identify some contributors to social and professional issues and relate their achievements to the knowledge area  Contrast between ethical and legal issues  Contrast between a patent, a trademark, and a copyright  Identify some ways of credentialing a person to practice computer engineering  Describe issues that contrast risk issues with safety issues  Identify some issues in computer engineering that address privacy  Describe whistle blowing and the conflicts between ethics and practice that may result from doing so  Describe how computer engineering uses or benefits from social and professional issues. 2.2 Reasons for Studying Social and Professional Issues

Computers have a central and growing role in commerce, industry, government, medicine, education, entertainment and society at large. It no longer plays a minor part in society – it is embedded in, and affects, all aspects of life, from education to healthcare to war. Dealing with the implications of this is a major challenge, and one that can impact upon us, both personally and professionally. As a consequence, it is vital that all in the computing industry make wise decisions regarding their conduct. Although technical issues are obviously central to any Computer Engineering curriculum, they do not by themselves constitute a complete educational program in the field. Students must also develop an understanding of the social and professional context in which Computer Engineering is done. Undergraduates also need to understand the basic cultural, social, legal, and ethical issues inherent in the discipline of Computer Engineering. They should understand where the discipline has been, where it is, and where it is heading. They should also understand their individual roles in this process, as well as appreciate the philosophical questions, technical problems, and aesthetic values that play an important...
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