Stage Fright

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This questionnaire is part of a study on stage fright. We want to find out how you think, feel, and behave when you have got stage fright. Also, we expect to have your good advice on how to overcome the stage fright. Please answer the items as honestly as possible. Your cooperation in completing this questionnaire is greatly appreciated.  Questions:

1. Do you have stage fright when you are speaking in public? [ ] A. Yes, quite often and serious. B. Yes, sometimes a little. C. No, not at all.

2. When you have stage fright, what's your usual performance? [ ] A. looking around except the audience
B. Feeling flushed
C. having a trembling voice
D. smiling unnaturally
E. forgetting what you will say
F. speaking disorderly
G. Difficulty talking
H. Heart pounding or racing
3. Do you think the following factors give rise to stage fright? (Deep influence---A Some influence--B Little influence--C) (1) Audience's age [ ]
(2) Your preparation [ ]
(3) Concern of evaluation [ ]
(4) The number of audiences [ ]
(5) The familiarity with the audience [ ]
(6) The position of the audience [ ]
(7) The opinions of the audience [ ]
(8) The ability of adapting with the changing situation [ ]
** Besides all above, do you feel there are other factors?
4. Do you agree the following methods will help you overcome the stage fright? ( Strongly agree--A Reluctantly agree--B Disagree--C have no idea--D) (1) Good preparation [ ]
(2) Shift of Attention [ ]
(3) Relaxation of your mules [ ]
(4) The sense of humor [ ]
(5) Enhancing your confidence [ ]
(6) More practices [ ]
(7) Changing your gestures [ ]
** Besides all above, do you have any other good advice? (Would you please write it down)? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.  

5. Your sex. [ ]
A) Male B) Female
6. Your age. [ ]

1. How anxious do you feel when you think about public appearance? A.     Extremely anxious
B.     Very anxious
C.     Somewhat anxious
D.     A little 
E.     Not at All 

2. Here, give your first, instinctive answer to the question: Out of 10 how serious is your stagefright?
A.     9 or 10 
B.     7 or 8 
C.     5 or 6 
D.     3 or 4 
E.     1 or 2 

3. How bad are your symptoms of stage fright?
A.     The symptoms are really bad and I have used drugs  B.     The symptoms are really bad but I've avoided using meds  C.     The symptoms are uncomfortable and I've used drugs  D.     The symptoms are uncomfortable but I've not used meds  E.     I don't really experience significant symptoms 

4. Do you dramatize situations involving public appearance in your mind... Do you see pictures or movies, or hear self-talk or other dialog in your mind? A.     Yes, all the time and the feelings are powerful

B.     Sometimes and the feelings are bad when I do 
C.     Sometimes, but the feelings aren't that bad 
D.     A little 
E.     Never 

5. To what degree has this issue impacted your relationship with your family, friends & co-workers. Do you find it difficult to explain what you are going through, or even keep it a secret? A.     Extreme impact on relationships 

B.     Significant impact 
C.     It has made things difficult at times 
D.     A little, not too bad 
E.     None 

6. Overall, when you thing about the impact this is having in your life how bad is the problem? A.     It's ruining my life 
B.     It has considerable impact and has to be dealt with  C.     Life would be alot better without stagefright 
D.     Its not great but I'm OK 
E.     No impact really 

7. In our experience, clients who overcome this experience benefits in many areas of their lives, not just in situations that used to make them glossophobic....
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