Public Speaking

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Nervousness Activity

From your text, on page 27, Applying the Power of Public Speaking:

Textbook: The Art of Public Speaking by Stephen E. Lucas, 10th edition
It has been three years since you finished college. After gaining experience as an administrative assistant at a major publishing company, you have just been promoted to marketing manager for a children’s book series. Though you have occasionally given brief reports to other members of your work team, you are now facing your first speech to a large audience. At your company’s annual sales meeting, you will address the sales force about the company’s new books and how to sell them to wholesalers and retail bookstores.

You’re pleased to have this opportunity and you know it shows the company’s faith in your abilities. Yet the closer you get to the day of the speech, the harder it is to control the butterflies in your stomach. There will be 150 people in your audience, including all the senior editors and regional managers, in addition to the sales force. All eyes will be on you. It’s important that you come across as confident and well informed, but you’re afraid your stage fright will send the opposite message.

Write at least a short 200 word response discussing the extent of your nervousness and how it affects your speaking ability. What strategies will you use to control your nerves and make them work for you?

You will be graded based on your ability to discuss and apply concepts learned from reading and class discussions, the amount of theoretical reasoning and reflection, and spelling/punctuation/ and grammar.
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