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charles kee
Mr. charles Paper #2
Everest University

When I was up doing my poem I did not feel any differently really, because I felt like I was well prepared and I study and practice before I do any type of performance. I guess you can say I felt a lot more comfortable because of the nature of the assignment it gave me liberty to be more of myself and more creative. So, this is the part where I do not know what more to write without rambling on, and I really do not want to ramble on so I guess I will write about how I get rid of my stage fright. Many people would not expect me to have stage fright because of my eccentric I don’t give two fucks attitude, well those people are wrong always before a performance I get nervous and jittery and I feel shaky , but I know not to worry because I have rehearsed and I did everything I could to make that performance the best. When I am nervous I tend to look at everything in the room except the audience, not trying to disconnect from the audience, but trying not to let them intimidate me. I feel when I hit the “stage” I go numb and just let my body be taken over by the energy and I let go of everything, because a wise man once told me that when you own your fear then nothing can hurt you. Even if I am nervous I am going to get up and perform because at the end of it all I feel more empowered and confident in myself. So my advice to nervous people would be the same as the advice given to me, own the fear don’t let it own you, when you let fear own you are wasting your life away you miss out on many of great opportunities because you were too afraid to try. So, conquer your fear, don’t let it own you, turn your nerves in to excitement and turn out everything you do and make your light shine through. Don’t be afraid to mess up, mess up happens that’s a part of life, if you think you will mess up that increases your chances of messing up even more (True Fact) so relax and let everything work itself out and...
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