Staffing Organization

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Staffing Organization –Part 2

Angela Tabor

Dr. Timekee Turner - Battle

Business 335

August 22, 2012

Formulate a recruitment plan and strategy that will be used to staff the coffee shop initially and throughout the next three years.

The recruitment plan and strategy that will be used to staff the coffee shop initially and throughout the next three years will be to solicit the help of an external recruitment agency. Seeking the help of an external recruitment agency would be the most cost effective strategy in recruitment stage. The Gourmet Coffee Shop is a smaller organization and does not have the staff or budget to run its own recruitment functions, therefore; an external recruitment agency can provide the coffee shop with a full scale of service, such as; identifying recruitment needs, advertising, checking the references of applicants, along with background checks. Utilizing external recruitment agencies can be costly, however; it the most practical avenue for organizations that do not possess it own recruitment function (McGraw-Hill, 2009). A recruitment budget will be formulated, consisting of the staffing cost, supplies and equipment cost, as well as the benefits and salaries. After the recruiting planning phase is complete, the coffee shop’s strategy will be to choose “targeted recruitment” rather than “open recruitment”, because; the company is seeking specific individuals with certain, knowledge, skills, ability and other characteristics. Utilizing the open recruitment process may cause a high volume of applicants making the selection process exceptionally difficult.

Create a communication message (realistic, brand or targeted) to attract applicants to the open position.

When creating your communication message, it must be alluring to the target applicants. The intended goal is to capture the attention of potential applicants. Once you have their attention, it is important that keep their attention. Thus the message should be written as such that the organization’s message becomes its “employment brand”. An employment brand is a good company tag that will provide the company with the reputation of being a great place to work (McGraw-Hill, 2009). The Gourmet Coffee Shops’ communication message:

If you enjoy working in a friendly, warm, inviting atmosphere and you love the scents and sounds of gourmet coffee brewing and you understand how important that morning cup is, there's no better place for you to work than the Gourmet Coffee Shop. The Gourmet Coffee Shop is looking for a team of coffee fanatics to work in a fast pace environment, in the role of a Customer Service who will ensure that customers have the freshest, most delicious blends of Gourmet coffee in the Washington Metropolitan area. This communication gives the applicants the illusion that the coffee shop may offer a rewarding, fun and friendly place of employment.

Select the communication medium for the recruitment effort and explain why that method was chosen over others.

The recruiting plan that will be institute in the planning and strategic process to staff the coffee shop in the beginning will be formulated via internet recruiting. By utilizing the internet to initially staff the coffee shop, this will enable the shop to recruit from a vast and diverse talent pool of prospective hires. The internet does have its pro’s and con’s. From the pro’s perspective for going the internet route, would; be that of cost effectiveness. Publicizing in this manner will enable the coffee shop to generate more responses to the job posting quicker and for a longer time for less the cost (Dessler, 2010). The cons would be the risk of potentially discriminating against the elderly, minorities, and receiving an over abundance of responses.

Planning the online recruitment will entail, ensuring that the job descriptions are clear and precise. The provision of a welcoming and...
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