St. Perpetua and Felicity

Topics: Saint Saturninus, Pregnancy, Jesus Pages: 2 (613 words) Published: August 11, 2012
The reading “The Passion of Saints Perpetua and Felicity” is about the story of how these two women, Perpetua and Felicity, were martyrized and killed for being Christians. According to the reading, Perpetua was a young and rich 22 year-old mother of a young baby. Perpetua had learned about Christianity from Saturus, a deacon, who also became part of the calvary. She became a prisoner, accompanied by several of her servants Felicity, Revocatus, Saturninus and Secundulus and also Saturus. They were all given the opportunity to recant. Nonetheless, neither of them denied Jesus. They were all willing to die for their love of Jesus Christ. Perpetua’s father went to see her in prison more than once and begged her to deny Christ. He asked her numerous times to reconsider her Christian position because of the pain her death will cause him and also her baby, who was still “a child at the breast.” Perpetua never hesitated. She told her father just like “a vessel or pitcher can’t be called by any other name than that which it is,” she couldn’t call herself “nought other than that which I am, a Christian.” While in captivity, Perpetua wrote her diary in which she describes the condition of the prison, in which she was placed. She describes the prison as a small, hot and dark placed. She suffered for not having her baby by her side, and asked God to give her valor and strength so she can endure the physical punishment she was going to receive for defending her religion. Eventually, they are finally moved, “for a few hours,” to a bigger and more lighted place. Perpetua was also able to breastfeed her baby. Felicity was Perpetua’s slave. She was pregnant and according to the law, no pregnant woman could be sacrificed. This could have been Felicity’s “free ticket” to avoid being killed. However, Felicity was as devoted as her master. She also did not recant and deny Christ. Felicity, Perpetua and the others prayed to God so she can have her baby and...
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