Mary Magdalene: a Character Study (a Disciple of Jesus)

Topics: Mary Magdalene, Jesus, Resurrection of Jesus Pages: 15 (3786 words) Published: May 2, 2013
Mary Magdalene: A Character Study

(A disciple of Jesus)

Setting: Biweekly Prayer Group

Length of Delivery: 45 minutes for each lesson



1.Who was she?

a. Matthew 27:56,61: 28:1

b. Mark 15:40,47; 16:1-19

c. Luke 8:2; 24:10

d. John 20:1-18

2. What is her name?

3. Where she lived?

a. She was from Magdala, a prosperous town on the coast of Galilee...

4. Mary is Healed.

a. She was possessed by seven demons when Jesus healed her (Mk 16:9; Lk 8:2.)



A. Introduction.

1.Historical View.

a.healed of demons

b.full of faith

2.Secular View

a.prostitute or adulterer?


3.Healed by Jesus

a.Mark - 16:9

b.Luke 8:2

B. Conclusion



1.The Leader

a.Mark 15:40

b.Mark 15:47

c.Mark 16:1

d.Matthew 27:56

2. Mary Magdalene and her Contribution to Christianity

3. References to Mary of Magdalene During the Crucifixion

a. Mark 15:40

b. Matthew 27:56.

c. John 19:25

4. References to Mary of Magdalene After the Crucifixion a. John 20:1:

b. Mark 16:9:

c. John 20:18

5. References to Mary of Magdalene At the Resurrection a. John 20:1

b. Mark 16:9

c. John 20:18:

d. Luke 24

B. Conclusion.



In this lesson, the participant will learn some very basic information about Mary Magdalene, Students will also learn that the thoughts of one person can effectively change the reputation of an individual.

Welcome my friends and thank you for joining me as we take a short journey into the life of Mary Magdalene!!

Who is Mary Magdalene? Her name conjures many pictures in our minds and immediately we form an opinion about who she was and believe that since we who she is no discussion is needed. I have learned that not everything we learned as children is correct.

I attended Catholic school from First through Twelfth grade and I remember hearing about Mary Magdalene. I was told that she was a big sinner and that all us girls needed to be careful if we didn't want to grow to be like her. We were told that she was a prostitute and that she slept around with men. I'm sure that is what most o you have hear about her. I can assure you that doing this study has taught me many things about Mary Magdalene and you will be surprised.

So, who was Mary Magdalene? Well one of the first things that I learned is that she is only mentioned in fourteen verses in the New Testament.[1] She came from a small prosperous town on the shores of the Sea of Galilee, which in the canonical gospels is called by its Aramaic name, Magdala. In Greek it is known as Tarichaeae.[2] In ancient times, the town had a reputation for exporting quality salt fish and fish oil. It is possible Mary herself and/or her family was engaged in some business related to the fishing industry. [3] This occupation is well proven for women in early Roman Palestine, and the rulers in the Herodian court at nearby Tiberias regularly purchased goods from female suppliers.[4] When Mary is introduced in Luke 8:2, she is in the company of Joanna, the wife of a Herodian official, suggesting Mary had contact with the court.[5]

What is in your mind so far? This is quite different than anything you learned before I'm sure. Mary parents were wealthy it seems which means that so was she. This would enable her to do almost whatever she wanted. Keep that in mind as we continue our discussion today and let's now turn our attention to some of the bible verses that feature Mary Magdalene.

Matthew 27:56 -...
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