The Unlikely Concord Between Paganism and Christianity

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  • Published: December 16, 2012
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Since early Christianity spread from locale to locale, with the assistance of indoctrinating traditional pagan beliefs as a way of making the new religion more acceptable to those indigenous people they wished to entice, to explore the beginnings of Christianity, one needs to study how regional native myths affected and altered Christianity to assist in its evangelism. We’ll first compare the similarities of doctrine between the new system of beliefs and the ancient axiom. Next, one needs to consider how age-old allegories correlate to Christianity. The association of the primal virtues of the pagans and the new Christian canon as applied to morality shall be reviewed. We’ll examine how aged customs influenced Christian celebrations and idolatry. Finally, we’ll conclude the aforementioned dimensions of religion on how paganism influenced the social structure and it’s adaptation from the ancient myths to the conversation of the new established religion – Christianity. These comparisons will not be made to the whole of Christianity, although it would be applicable on many facets, but rather of how traditional and regional myth assimilated into the dogma of the Roman Catholic Church since in a number of cases, Roman Catholic saints became successors to familiar deities giving an abundance of similarities between gods and saints. Remember, to understand a culture, you must first grasp the mythical characteristics associated within the context of that civilization – both past and present.

Before we begin however, we would be remiss if we did not provide a brief overview of the history of Christianity and its beliefs from the beginning. More than two millennia ago, a child was born to a virgin mother named Mary in Judea in the city of Bethlehem, under the authority of Roman dominance, named Jesus Christ. He, Jesus Christ, sermonized to the masses and died as a felonious malefactor after only little more than thirty years of a mortal existence. How...
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