Srs for Abc Loan Management System

Topics: Requirements analysis, Software requirements, Loan Pages: 8 (1487 words) Published: January 30, 2013
Software Requirements Specification


Placement Automation System

Version 1.0

The LNMIIT, Jaipur


Table of Contents

Table of Contentsii
Revision Historyii
1.2Document Conventions1
1.3Intended Audience and Reading Suggestions1
1.4Product Scope1
2.Overall Description2
2.1Product Perspective2
2.2Product Functions4
2.3User Classes and Characteristics4
2.4Operating Environment4
2.5Design and Implementation Constraints4
2.6User Documentation5
2.7Assumptions and Dependencies5
3.External Interface Requirements5
3.1User Interfaces5
3.2Hardware Interfaces5
3.3Software Interfaces5
3.4Communications Interfaces6
4.System Features6
4.1Define and Maintain Loan Types6
4.2Submit a Loan Application8
5.Other Nonfunctional Requirements9
5.1Performance Requirements9
5.2Safety Requirements9
5.3Security Requirements9
5.4Other Software Quality Attributes10
5.5Business Rules10
6.Other Requirements10
Appendix A: Glossary10
Appendix B: Analysis Models10
Appendix C: To Be Determined List10

Revision History

|Name |Date |Reason For Changes |Version | |Ravi Gorthi |15-01-11 |Initial preparation |V 1.0 | | | | | |


1 Purpose

This software package is developed from scratch exclusively for the ABC Bank in order to,

• Reduce the overall turn-around time to process loans from the current (average) 10 days per application to (average) 3 days per application.

• Enable the loan applicants to file loan application on-line and subsequently know the status by themselves through secure internet-based access to ABC Bank’s Loan Management software package.

• Monitor, measure and improve the efficiencies of constituent business activities of the Loan Management business.

• Increase the average number of loan applications processed per month from the current value of 100 to 1000 by deploying this software package.

• Increase the business revenues from the Loan Management Department from its value of last year by ten-fold in the next two years as well as enhance the customer satisfaction rating from the value of the last year by 20% in the next two years.

2 Document Conventions

The following documentation conventions are followed in preparing this SRS:

a) All key-words related to the banking industry are formatted in italics. b) The priority of a requirement is specified at the end of that requirement in curly braces and using the notation { Priority : nn}, where ‘nn’ is an integer in the range 00 (lowest priority) to 99 (highest priority).

3 Intended Audience and Reading Suggestions

This document is created for,
i) The staff of the Loan Management Department of the ABC Bank to review and suggest refinements if any (when submitted for their review at appropriate times). ii) The Computer Automation Steering Committee of ABC Bank for their review and approval at appropriate times. iii) The software development team for their use in analyzing the requirements.

4 Product Scope

The scope of the to-be-developed ‘Loan Management’ software package is:

i) To cater to ALL types of loans offered by the ABC Bank to its eligible customers ii) To enable the ABC Bank’s customers to securely access this ‘Loan Management’ software package using internet in order to file the loan application, subsequently know the status of their application, make re-payments and close the loan. iii)...
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