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Software Requirements Specification
Version 1.1
August 29, 2003

Web Accessible Alumni Database

Michael J. Reaves

Submitted in partial fulfillment
Of the requirements of
Masters Studio Project

Table of Contents

Table of Contentsii
Table of Figuresiii
1.0. Purpose1
1.1. Introduction1
1.2. Scope1
1.3. Glossary1
1.4. References2
1.5. Document overview2
2.0. Overall description4
2.1. System environment4
2.2. Functional requirements definitions4
2.3. Use cases5
2.3.1. Use Case: Access Alumni Home Page6
2.3.2. Use Case: Alum Chooses Survey7
2.3.3. Use Case: Create New Entry8
2.3.4. Use Case: Update an Entry.9
2.3.5. Use Case: Search for an Alumni/E-mail and Alumni10 2.4. Non-functional requirements11
3.0. Requirement specifications12
3.1. External interface specifications12
3.2. Functional Requirements12
3.2.1. Access Alumni Home Page12
3.2.2. Survey12
3.2.3. Create a new entry13
3.2.4 Update an Entry14
3.2.5. Search for an Alumni/E-mail an Alumni15
3.3. Detailed non-functional requirements17
3.4. System Evolution18
4.0. Index19

Table of Figures

Figure 1 System Design4
Figure 2 Access Alumni Home Page6
Figure 3 Alum Selects Survey7
Figure 4 Alum Selects Create a New Entry8
Figure 5 Alum Selects Update an Entry9
Figure 6 Alum Selects Search/E-mail an Alum10

1.0. Purpose

1.1. Introduction

This Software Requirements Specification provides a complete description of all the functions and specifications of the Jacksonville State University Computing and Information Sciences (CIS) Web Accessible Alumni Database. The expected audience of this document is the faculty of CIS, including the faculty who will use this system, Dr. Dennis Martin and studio committee members, and the developer. It will also server as a reference for Studio students.

1.2. Scope

The Jacksonville State University Computing and Information Sciences Web Accessible Alumni Database (CISWAAD) is designed to run on the departmental server and to allow alums to fill out a survey form, create a new database entry, update an existing database entry, or contact another alum. The data will be held in an Access database on the departmental server.

1.3. Glossary

|Term |Definition | |Alum |Graduate of Jacksonville State University | | |undergraduate computer science programs. | |BDE |Borland Database Engine | |CI |Configuration Item | |CIS |Computing and Information Sciences | |Entry |Alum stored in the Alum Database | |Html |Hyper text markup language | |IEEE |Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers | |QA |Quality assurance | |SCMP |Software Configuration Management Plan | |SDD |Software Design Document | |SEI...
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