Springhill Country Guesthouse Essay

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Springhill Country Guesthouse
Case Study

1. What is meant by qualitative and quantitative research?

a) Qualitative essays are more subjective and focus on the researcher's own inferences drawn from his study of the data. The qualitative studies use data from focus groups or case studies that the researcher herself analyses.

b) Quantitative studies are more objective and concentrate on drawing conclusions based a statistical analysis of the data. Both types of essays seek to answer a question, called a hypothesis, about some aspect of social phenomena. The quantitative projects use surveys that provide a set of fixed responses that can be coded with numbers. Springhill country Guesthouse is planning to increase his potential market into a new segment market which is very busy people wanting short holidays. They have the hypothesis that this kind of people is suitable to the business objectives of Springhill due to the fact there is a correlation between their high income and their lack of time to spend it and their interest to get very good quality services and products no matter the cost. This kind of people believe in high quality=high cost.

The business objectives of Springhill are:
* Maintain its current growth
* Continue to develop and strengthen the Springhill brand * Add new products (value add) to the Springhill brand

This last point refers to the interest to Springhill to introduce a new range of luxury services to the guesthouse making it a sort of spa where busy people can go and spend a short holiday and pamper their selves. So we can say that Springhill is basing his business strategy in two Porta´s strategy which are: creating a differential service to be perceived as a class leader in luxury service, and also his strategy is to focus in a specific market which is the very busy people (VBP).

Springhill in order to probe his hypothesis decided to do first a quantitative marketing research and after they realized they need to do qualitative market research in order to gather and understand information about:

a) Market
* Is the VBP are the right market to address their marketing strategy. * Best message times and channels to communicate to the VBP market. * Media/information source and habits
* What is the like hood of buying premium service from Springhill * Understand VBP interest, values, travel preferences.
* VBP buying criteria
b) Competitors
* Springhill is interested in knowing what competitors are offering and the results they have gotten. * If there are new competitors entering to attack the same target market. * Types of services are offering.

* Find out market prices of the same premium service Springhill pretends to offer to VBP market.

c) Product
* Which kind of premium services VBP prefer?, why?
* Springhill premium services vs. competitors

d) Distribution Analysis
* Best model of marketing coverage.

e) Pricing
* Price positioning
* Price marketing compatibility
* Competitor’s policies, goals strategies and tactics

In order to get all these information Springhill took part in a hospitality industry omnibus quantitative research survey. They decide to participate in this research because it was an affordable and easy way to get quick and easy primary data to start an exploratory research.

After this first exploratory research, Springhill looked for a research supplier and hired M&F Research Company to conduct a further research to obtain more primary information, conducting surveys.

M&F Research supplied to Springhill with a bulk of the analysis and raw data available on Excel so Springhill could uses it in a deeper market analysis.

Springhill got from M&F Research data mostly demographic, facts and after that, they realized that they needed to know more about perceptions, opinions, buying motives of their target market. This kind of information...
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