Tourist Satisfaction and Tourism Products in Malaysia

Topics: Tourism, Maldives, World Tourism Organization Pages: 3 (975 words) Published: December 18, 2011
Nowadays, the tourism industry is dealing with a more demanding customer market that is aware of the variety of tourism products and services as well as the levels of quality that are available. As the tourists are more highly educated and posses higher purchasing power, their demands on better tourism products and services should be fulfilled in order for the tourism business to be sustainable. There should be offered a variety of tourism products and services and ensure quality level in accordance to the market needs. The importance of quality products and services contributed a significant outcome to an organization’s survival and failure.

Tourist satisfaction with the tourism products and its qualities available has become a critical business issue nowadays especially in the service-oriented industry of tourism and hospitality. Tourist satisfaction has generally been conceptualized as the outcome for the customer after exposure to the service product (Crompton and Love, 1995; Baker and Crompton, 2000; Kozak, 2001). Czepiel and Rosenberg (1976) described customer satisfaction as an overall assessment of customers on various attributes of a product. According to David Foster (1996), understanding the customer’s reactions to the product offering, in particularly will know whether it meets the needs of the target market. Tourism industry should ensure that the current tourism products offering are satisfying the needs, expectations and desires of the tourists.

What are the tourism products available in Malaysia that becoming the great attractions of tourists? “Malaysia truly Asia” is the slogan used by Tourism Malaysia in promoting the country. It best describes Malaysia as the melting pot of different races and religions found in Asia country such as Malays, Chinese, Indians and many other ethnic groups. Despite of the diverse races, cultures and religions, Malaysians live in perfect harmony and peacefulness. The multiculturalism in Malaysia not only...
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