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  • Published : January 17, 2013
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Sustaining Positively your Initial Demand for an Economical Rate as We Endeavour Blessing

Target BudgetP 300,000.00

Cost of Operation Estimated:

Space Rental (2 months advance + 1 month deposit)P 21,000.00
Furniture (Computer Tables & Chairs) 25,000.00
10 sets of PCs @ P 17,500.00 each 175,000.00
Air Condition (second hand including installation) 15,000.00
Printer/Scanner 5,000.00
Xerox Machine (rental/franchise only) 15,000.00
Ceiling Fans/Exhaust Fan 2,000.00
Refrigerator 7,500.00
Electric Water Boiler 500.00
Office Supplies 2,000.00
Mugs, Spoon, etc. 500.00
Groceries (food and beverages) 1,500.00
Labor for Construction/Painting 5,000.00
Advertisements before opening 3,000.00
TOTALP 278,000.00

Rental:P 10.00 per hour
Printing:P 1.00 per page (Black Only, Short)
P 2.00 per page (Black Only, Long)
P 5.00 per page (Colored, Short)
P 7.00 per page (Colored, Long)
Scanning:P 10.00 per document
Xerox:P 1.00 per page (Short)
.50 per page only if more than 10 pages
P 1.50 per page (Long)
.75 per page only if more than 10 pages
Encoding:P 10.00 per page (Short) maybe reduced to P7/page for thesis
P 15.00 per page (Long)

Other Services Offered:
Food and Beverages
Juices (tetra pack i.e. Funchum)
Biscuits, Fudgee Bar, etc.
Junk Foods
Candies and Gums
Office Supplies
Paper, Pens, Folders, etc.
Operation Estimates:
Opening Hours:7 am until 12 midnight

Rentals Only:

Minimum of P100 per PC a day (P100 x 10 PC) =P 1,000.00 Daily Income P1,000.00 x 30 days =P 30,000 Monthly Income

Maximum of P150 per PC a day (P150 x 10 PC) =P 1,500.00 Daily Income P1,500.00 x 30 days =P 45,000.00 Monthly Income

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