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n Constitution Café Phillips, studies and gives experiences in what Thomas Jefferson did about the constitution and what he believed. He starts with explaining why he started the Socrates Café and the writing the book. Many people believed in him because many joined the groups and went to the meeting that was about the Socrates Café.

Phillips started the Socrates Café so people could relate to it and be able to express themselves. As Phillips mentions “At last count, there are well over 500 Socrates Café groups that gather regularly around the globe, with many more in cyberspace, bringing together people of different backgrounds and experiences who thrive on impassioned yet thoughtful discourse (Phillips 1). He wanted for people connect to themselves and be able to understand what is happening around them. He made it clear because many people believed in him and join the Socrates Café. He was able to bring people from different background and discuss their thoughts and talk about what is happening around the world. He maintained by been in groups in meeting so people could speak what is in their mind. In different states and locations he was able to established the Socrates Café.

Phillips believed that everyone has the right to speak what in their mind and other people to listen and relate. Christopher Phillips stated “Socrates Café is meant to be a space for friends and foes, intimates and stranger alike, to explore-thoughtfully and reasonably-timely and timeless existential problems, and exploration that itself make people feel more bound to one another (Phillips 1). He shares different experiences in people life on how they feel. Many people believed in Phillips because many people gather around and share their problems to each other.

Phillips wanted for Americans, to understand the obstacle that America is facing. The Constitution Café Project was so people could understand Thomas Jefferson believes ,and thoughts are still alive. As Phillips...
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