Spa and Wellness Tourism

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1History of wellness3
1.1Development of wellness and spa3
1.2Development in the last 50 years4
2Main activities undertaken in the spa/wellness sector5
3Influence of seasonality7
4Most famous and popular areas for wellness tourism8
5Main target groups and their characteristics10
5.1Target groups in the Netherlands10
5.2International target groups in the wellness sector10
6Spa/wellness in the tourism industry12
6.1Tourism industry12
6.2Spa/wellness industry13
7Jobs in the spa/wellness industry14
8Stakeholders in spa/wellness tourism16
9Latest trends in the sector and the future18
List of sources22


What is wellness and spa tourism all about concerning past, present and future? Wellness and spa tourism is a growing sector in the tourism industry. Every year it has an increase of participants using this type of tourism as holiday or leisure and to escape from everyday life. We have chosen this part of tourism because it is on the one hand a very ancient type of tourism because of spending time on your health. On the other hand, nowadays it is one of the most famous activities undertaken in tourism and modern practices make it still current. While we were looking for information for our report we used books and the internet to find information. There was a big amount of information to history, activities, trends and jobs. General statistics and stakeholders were not easy to find. In the following report we will talk about history, activities, jobs, stakeholders, trends and the future. Furthermore, the report contains information about the importance of wellness and spa in the whole tourism sector. Before starting our researches we hoped to learn a lot about getting in contact with the wellness and spa companies.

The report will be presented at the Tourism Fair 2009 at Stenden University. There will be several groups introducing different types of tourism. Therefore, we have to prepare a performance which demonstrates our type of tourism: wellness and spa.

However we hope that our report will introduce the wellness and spa tourism to you.

1 History of wellness

2.1 Development of wellness and spa
Wellness is a very old and ancient but nevertheless very popular and modern form of health tourism. Nonetheless, wellness and spa tourism cannot be compared with health tourism. Health tourism refers only to the body which is free from diseases on a physical level, but “wellness is an overall balance of your physical, social, spiritual, emotional, intellectual, environmental, and occupational well-being” (Wiki answers, 2009). People with back pains come to wellness and spa resorts and get special massages. If someone is stressed, he/she can ask for aromatherapies. In the following chapters there will be more details about these different activities. Even though the modern practices of wellness nowadays are more adapted to a person, the main idea was born to heal and clear the body and soul. Already a long time ago, people tried to find out which practices are good for the human body (Scott and Harrison, 2006).

5000 BC China: India:| Acupressure Ayurvedic medicine| 3000 BCEgypt:| Water therapy|
500 BCGreece:| Cold water therapies|
380 BCGreece:| Hippocrates believes in hot and cold bathing and uses massages to heal diseases of fighters | 50 ADEngland:| A typical roman style spa was built up in Bath| 211 ADGermany:| Discovery of thermal springs in Baden-Baden|

2.2 Development in the last 50 years
After the Second World War, the wellness sector recreated very slowly but nevertheless, wellness becomes more and more important.
The concept of “wellness” and their philosophy was developed by the American Dr. Halbert L. Dunn in...
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