Soymilk Making Machine Chapter 1-3

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In the Philippines, soy beans are enjoyed most in the form of popular street snack called taho. This yogurt-like concoction is similar to fresh tofu as both are eaten with spoons. Taho is served by street vendors who carry shiny tin containers that are balanced on both ends of a wooden plank. One can hold the hot taho, which is scooped into a cup. The other can hold the caramel sauce and tapioca which is mixed in the cup. These vendors travel the residential streets and main thoroughfares in the early morning to serve this instant and affordable breakfast to the hungry populace. If you are wary of the hygiene of these taho vendors, you can try the taho served in the supermarkets of Manila, which comes in various flavors. This sweet treat is soy milk either jelled with agar or thickened with the same coagulant used for tofu. The texture varies from sippable to spoonable. In the recent visit to a taho factory, Benith’s Taho in Malvar Batangas, the researchers found out that taho takes amount of time to make and needs stirring regularly due to long production of soy milk, the major ingredient in making taho. In addition, soy milk is being popularized as the best substitute to cow’s milk especially for lactose intolerants. With the problem presented above, the researchers have thought of making a soy milk making machine. This could shorten time and work force needed in making soy milk. The project would open up many opportunities for young entrepreneurs in entering the soy milk industry.

Objectives of the Study
The main objective of the study is to provide an automated soy milk making machine.
Specifically, the study aims to;
1. Design and create a soy milk making machine considering the following parameters: 1.1. Machine Component
1.2. Material Requirements
2. Conduct preliminary testing to establish the following parameters: 2.1. Temperature Setting
2.2. Operating time
3. Test performance of soy milk making machine to be able to determine the following parameters: 3.1. Production rate
3.2. Percent yield
3.3. Properties of soy milk produced
a. pH
b. Specific Gravity
c. Viscosity
4. Provide operational and maintenance safety manual for soy milk making machine

Significance of the Study
The primary significance of the study is to obtain an economical design of a soy milk making machine. A soy milk making machine will be a great start for small entrepreneurs, who utilizes soy milk as a raw material who would like to minimize the time and space capacity of making soy milk.

The study would open a new window for the growing number of soy milk users as an alternative for dairy products as a good source of protein. For the future researchers, this study will serve as a reference material. It will also serve as an important part for the related literature of other studies and as a based study for future innovations.

For the university, this study will serve as another contribution to achievements in the field of engineering. It will be valuable for it may serve as a supplement to instruction materials for various electronics and mechanical subject.

Scope and Delimitations of the Study
This study focused in the design and development of a soy milk making machine. The design consisted of motor, blades and shaft, canister, feed hopper, gate valve, frame and footing, heating element and control box. The prototype was made compact by joining the blades and the heating element in casing with the same space.

The compact grinder and heater designed in this study were made for home and small commercial purposes. It was constructed from materials availably bulk in the market which are low cost but showed significantly high quality and can withstand the environment given by the processes it would undergo.

The soybean that would be fed into the machine must be soaked for at least 6 hours for better processing...
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