Soy Sauce Business Plan

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Executive Summary
Historical Background
Business Strategy
-Competitive Strategy
-SWOT Analysis
Market Research
Target Market
Marketing Plan
Manufacturing/Production Plan

To become the leading Producer of a healthy organically flavorful Soya Sauce made in Belize enhancing its product to fit customer dietary needs therefore becoming more efficient and service oriented within this competitive market.

Mission Statement:
BELSOYA aim is to provide a unique and nutritious Soya Sauce committed to the health and well-being of customers in Belize. Produced in Belize using organically grown ingredients and high quality equipment, this sauce revitalizes the meals served by every restaurant and household, supporting our commitment to enhancing the quality of life.

Objectives of the business:
BELSOYA Sauce aims at acquiring a professional and effective staff. The staff members will possess the required knowledge and expertise in designing and implementing a unique and healthy organic product suitable for every meal. BELSOYA aims to become the leading Soy Sauce in Belize, changing the market to make the Asian community more interested. With this in mind, BELSOYA developed several strategic and financial objectives which it intends to meet so as to enable the company to grow profitably. These objectives includes:- Strategic Objectives

* Developing a Soya Sauce business that will cater to the needs of chefs, restaurants, nutritionist and household mothers. * Hiring and training individuals in order to have the best possible human resources needed on the job. * Taking control in the market so as to implement healthy eating in Belize by developing a strong clientele base and offering top-quality service. * Seeking possible opportunities for future development.

* Adding a twist to culturally made sauce, therefore offering diverse flavors Financial Objectives
* Acquiring the necessary funding needed to develop all facets of the business. * To achieve market shares by 5% in one year
* Establishing accurate records of incomes and losses to be able to understand where the company needs to go * To achieve annual growth in earnings and returns into the business and capitalize on sales of the product coming out of the company.

BELSOYA Sauce is a new element that will offer quality and an organic taste to meals across Belize. The concept of customizing this product is to fit the needs of all kitchens such as restaurants (micro and small) is the driving force behind the business as these personnel’s will be the primary users who will appreciate such a revitalized product. Its main beneficiaries will include not only the customers and BELSOYA itself but also the various farmers such as Cardi, local retailers of water and market personnel’s who will provide BELSOYA with the ingredients needed to produce the Soya Sauce it wants to introduce. BELSOYA is scheduled to start operations on January 1, 2012, as the owners seek to sell 2012 as the year to add a healthier product with great taste and quality to ones cooking skills. BELSOYA Sauce will be operated as a partnership business, with investment coming from the four shareholders; Ms. Dana Ayuso, Ms. Lisette Ordonez, Ms. Fiona Usher and Ms. Dylana Moses. Since this is a start-up business, all the partners have agreed to invest $10,000.00 from shares plus an additional loan from the partnership account to go into the business for any required materials, utilities and other operational necessities which will be laid out in the financial plans; as stated in the partnership agreement. One major benefit which each partner brings to the business is that they all have some form of managerial background as they all hold degrees in management from the University of Belize. Both Ms. Ayuso and Ms. Ordonez had been...
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