Soybean Milk Enter the Uk Market

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Soybean milk is a kind of beverage and very popular in China. This product is processed with soybean and fresh milk as the main material. Rich in the multiple vitamins and minerals, high calcium, low sugar with better taste and delicate nutrition. So it is good for health and convenient that it can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere.

With the global market more and more open, a lot of goods begin to export and seek large areas to sell. Thus now has a good opportunity for soybean milk power selling in global market. UK has about five thousand and eight million populations and it is a developed country, so people with high standard consumption level. Beside these, British people demand for drink in high rate. According to the survey, the UK market for beverage has grown by 2.5% since 1999 to reach a total volume of 4.4 billion liters in 2000, and these years consumer demand is increasing for drinks with added benefits. In fact, people usually to drink too much coke and coffee are not good for them. Thus UK market will provide a large business opportunity for the nourishment green beverage. In other word, in UK market soybean milk will gain a certain market share and get more profit in the future.

Chinese people like to drink soybean milk, as the British people like to drink milk. Soybean milk with nice taste and good for health, so it suits for every age people. But at the beginning to selling this product in UK market the target audience focuses on young group people (15-30-year old); others will become the potential customers. Because the young group people are easier to accept the new product, but elder people not. It is relate to the country culture and their daily habit. In UK people usually drink milk or juice with their meal, but in China people more often to drink soybean milk, especial during their breakfast time. Because soybean milk is really a kind of good thing. When soybean milk goes on the UK market, the brand and package have to get some changes. First, the original brand of the soybean milk is WEI WEI in China. But in UK market will change the brand call for ONLY. It means the unique product in UK and makes it easy to call. Because the simple brand can make consumer easier to remember, so it will be create the brand image as well. Second logo also changes for green as the main colour. Because soybean milk is a nourishment green beverage, so use green colour will attract more customers and do more efficient for environmental protection. Third, the language change into English is very necessary. Fourth, the taste will be having slightly changed in order to more satisfy British people needs. Such as in soybean milk add some fruit, coffee or chocolate flavor and so on. There is not influence its nutritive value. There are according to British people are like to drink juice, coffee and hot chocolate. Fifth, the package has to change and provide more size for them to choose. Because British people like to do family shopping and they have big family, most of them with two or three children for a couple. So the size will have 500ML, 1L and 2L with plastic bottle. Every new product entry the new market is not well known immediately, so the company has to do the efficient communication with consumers and set up the good brand image. Thus communication strategy is very important for new product export to other countries.

Chapter 1

1.0 Communications strategy will bring the benefits for soybean milk
Soybean milk with the high quality and media price, but it is the first time for it entries the foreign country. As a new product entry the UK market it needs efficient communicates to customers and trade. Marketing communications is the process of transmitting messages with the objective of making the product attractive to target audiences. The most important audiences for marketing communications are customers and the trade. So if the company can adopt the suitable communications strategy will...
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