Sources of Motivation Paper

Topics: Motivation, Psychology, Educational psychology Pages: 2 (738 words) Published: March 10, 2013
Sources Of Motivation Paper
Daunique Irvin
Psy. 355

An individual’s behavior is not a random act. Despite what form, motivation is behind all behavior. “To be motivated means to be induced or moved into action or thought by either the push of a motive or the pull of an incentive” (Deckers, 2010). One simply does not behave without reason. When examining a criminal’s behavior, the criminals motive is tried to be found. A motive is something inside an individual that pushes such individual towards a desire. This desire is the incentive. “An incentive is the anticipated reward or aversive event available in the environment” (Deckers, 2010). Thirst is a motive for drinking. A high school diploma or a bachelor’s degree is the incentive for attending classes. Sometimes motives and incentives are mistaken for the other although motives and incentives are the causes of the individual’s behavior, psychological energy or physical energy is necessary actually to power behavior or thought. Knowledge and competence are also necessary if behavior is to occur (Deckers, 2010). Motivation increases the amount of effort and energy that an individual uses in activities related to their needs and goals. Motivation determines whether an individual pursues a task enthusiastically or lazily. Motivated individuals are more likely to continue a job until they complete it, even if they are occasionally interrupted or frustrated in the process. Motivation increases an individual’s time on task, an important factor affecting their learning and achievement (Ormrod, 2009). “Motivation affects what and how learners mentally process information” (Ormrod, 2009). Individuals who are motivated to receive an A in the class rather than a C are more engaged in the lesson. Even with myself, if I am more interested in the subject I put more effort in learning the material. Motivated learners are more likely to pay attention, and attention is critical for getting...
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