Diverse Nature of Psychology

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  • Published : October 8, 2012
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Diverse Nature of Psychology
Jessica Champion
PSY / 490
July 2, 2012
University of Phoenix

Diverse Nature of Psychology
Psychology is a diverse area of study. Within this paper it will discuss the influence of diversity and it’s major concepts within psychology. It will also discuss subtopics within psychology, as well as how subtopics are identified, and applied to other disciplines within society. As well as, explain how these subtopics affect my personal theoretical perspective. Lastly, it will discuss how my contribution of studying psychology will benefit society within my area of profession in which I hope to achieve in my near future. Theorists influence of Diversity and Major concepts within Psychology Diversity has a huge impact on psychology, such as perspectives, influences, and different concepts. Such as each theorist, have his or her own views and perspectives on psychology. For their different views on human behaviors, cognition, perception, or social or psychological factors that may hinder ones behaviors or thought process. Theorist and their own views, beliefs and perspectives on psychology is a prime example of diversity, because as we all know no two individuals thinks nor perceives things even psychology within the same manner. With all the diverse perspectives, elements, and theories within psychology, it makes it a challenge for researchers, psychologists, counselors and teachers, or mental health care professionals. Because the theories of psychology and it’s subtopics are so complex and diverse. Additionally this makes it a challenge to diagnose nor treat individuals. Subtopics and Subdivisions within psychology and the effects on Disciplines Motivation

There are different theories of motivation. Maslow’s theory of hierarchy of needs, and Herzbergs motivation theory. Maslow’s theory is based off of his hierarchy of needs and personality theory. Maslow believed that for an individual to have sactifaction that their needs must...
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