Sounder: Good Title

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GROWL: a low sound made in anger. Low guttural, menacing sound, as of a dog. FRET: to get angry
QUARRY: a large hole in the house
CLUNG: to hold something tight
KETTLE: a large metal pot for boiling
TROUBLESOME: get some trouble, worry, tired
TWISTED: to turn. To bend around each other
PEDDLING: to sell small items from door to door or o the street SPRAWL: also sprawl out to lie or sit with your arms or legs stretched out. SADDLED: a salt made of leather that is put on a horse’s back B. STUDY GUIDE

1. How did the boy get the dog Sounder? Sounder came to him, him didn’t have the dog. 2. Why did the boy give up going to school? Because the way is too long and too cold. 3. Why was the name Sounder a good name for the dog? Because his voice would roll across the flatlands. 4. How did Sounder get his prey (possum or coon)? Because it shaken form the tree. 5. How do you know this family of five is poor? Because they were no food and no pay. 6. Why was the winter worse than last year? Because the wind came stronger and colder. 7. What fruit did the family harvest after the first hard frost? It is walnut. 8. Why wouldn’t the mother only let the boy eat the crumbs? Because the payer wouldn’t pay if the walnuts are all in the chumps. If she picks two pounds a night, how much money will she get in a week? She would get 210 cents a week. 9. Why did the boy dream of the might flood? Because his mother told him a story. 10. What was cooking on the stove when the boy woke up? The big blue enameled possum kettle was cooking on the stove. 11. How do you know that the mother is happy while she is cooking? Because she is humming 12. Why did the mother tell the boy to stop calling Sounder? Because his voice would wake up his father. 13. Where did the father get the ham? He took the ham in a shooting match and raise it toe hog. 14. Why did the boy say that Sounder would eat well now? Sounder could have a piece of ham in his biscuits. 15. What time of the year does the boy compare the ham ad biscuit dinner too? It was Christmas time. 16. Why didn’t the boy like patches on his pants? Because the other boys could laugh at him 17. Why did the boy say he wouldn’t be lonesome even if his mother didn’t sing? He would have a book with a story in it 18. What is a good title for chapter I? The boy’s family and Sounder. CHAPTER II

1. Why was only the boy allowed to go wherever he wanted on the road? Because he was old enough to take care himself. 2. Why had the three men come to the boy’s house? They came to catch his father. 3. Why wasn’t Sounder home when the three men came to the house? He was waiting to go hunting with his master and wandered away to hunt alone. 4. If his father doesn’t hold Sounder, what will the men do to him? They will kick him, and kill him. 5. How did the men treat his father at the wagon? They pushed his father. 6. Why did Sounder fall on the road when he was following the wagon? Because he was shot by a deputy. 7. How did the boy know that Sounder was still alive? He saw Sounder try to lift the front part from the earth. 8. How badly was Sounder injured? Sounder was bleeding, one side of his head was a mass of blood. 9. Why did the boy’s mother tell him to come inside and leave Sounder alone? She thought Sounder wanted to die alone. 10. Why does the boy go back out to the road? Because the boy believed that Sounder was still alive. 11. Why did the boy bring back Sounder’s ear? He wish Sounder could be alive. 12. If Sounder comes back, what does the boy have for him? The boy gives Sounder cold ham-boiling from the possum kettle. CHAPTER III

1. In morning, why did the boy’s mother make him put on his old pants and jacket? She knew he would be crawling under the cabin. 2. Where does the boy’s mother say that she’s going with the walnut kernels? She doesn’t say. 3. How did...
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