Liquor Store

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A Raisin in the Sun: ACT I Study Guide Questions

1. According to Mama, how would Walter’s father feel about Walter? Disappointed and ashamed

2. What are all the Youngers waiting for?
The life insurance check ($10,000)

3. What do Mama and Walter argue about?
They argue about what to do with the check/liquor store.

4. What is the Younger home like?
Small, overcrowded, apartment living, worn out.

5. What is Walter’s dream?
To own a liquor store

6. What does Ruth think about Walter’s friend Willy?
He’s a loudmouth and she doesn’t trust him

7. Why is Walter hostile toward Beneatha?
Walter feels that Beneatha should either be a nurse or get married. This way the family money is protected.

8. Why does Walter want Ruth to talk to Mama?
So she could convince Mama to give Walter the money for the liquor store.

9. How does Mama describe big Walter?
He wasn’t perfect, but he sure loved his kids.

10. How does Mama feel about all that she has done for Walter and how he feels about it? Mama feels that Walter is unappreciative

11. Why is Walter hostile toward Ruth?
Walter feels that Ruth doesn’t support him.

12. How does Mama feel about Walter owning a liquor store? She doesn’t like the idea, it’s not Christian.

13. How does Beneatha feel about God?
She doesn’t believe in God and feels that “man” does everything.

14. How does Walter feel about his job?
He hates his job as a chauffer

15. How does Ruth feel about her pregnancy?
She doesn’t want the baby and is considering an abortion

16. Where does the play take place?
South side of Chicago

17. How does Walter feel about money?
He feels money will solve all the family’s problems

18. Why do Mama and Ruth...
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