Animal Farm: a Fairy Story

Topics: Animal Farm, Ten Commandments, Want Pages: 4 (1230 words) Published: October 14, 2012
Jennifer Gonzalez Mrs. Metzger
Class 212 April 18, 2012

Animal Farm: A Fairy Story

Chapter 3 and 4
5. Topics & Themes: power to control others
a. Almost all the animals were in some degree literate. The pigs know how to read and write perfectly, most of the animals know how to read and write, expect for some slower ones that don’t know how to write or read. Literacy matters because it helps better understand the animals whats going on and to educate others. Those that know how to read and write are in power because they are the ones who are most intelligent and understand what is happening.

b. Snowball declared that the Seven Commandments could be reduced to one commandment. This new maxim is “Four legs good, two legs bad.” The humbler animals repeated the maxim over and over to memorize it. The sheep developed a great liking for the maxim. 6. Foreshadowing:

a. Napoleon took Jessie and Bluebell’s pups to “educate” them. I think that Napoleon is going to educate them on not only reading and writing but on the rebellion and how to develop new strategies. In my opinion they will be taught to think by what Napoleon is thinking because he is going to teach them in his manner.

b. Orwell makes this so-called education feel ominous because Napoleon had taken his separate group to educate when he didn’t want anything to do with Snowball’s committees. This communicates a sense of evil to come because Napoleon is having his own ideas and doesn’t want them to get involve with any other animal. The reason I think this is because after a while the pups were forgotten to exist because Napoleon took them at young age and began to teach them what he thought. 7. Foreshadowing: missing food

a. The missing milk and apples were taken by the pigs for the pigs. Squealer’s explanation for where it goes that its for the heath of the pigs. That it is necessary for their well being. That they need it because the watch over the other...
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