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Topics: Management, Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneur Pages: 2 (489 words) Published: February 23, 2013
CMCS: Growing Without Losing Control
Objective: Describe Samman’s leadership style, analyze whether it is conducive to company growth and suggest recommendations

Course: Leadership Instructor: Mr. Youssef Nassar
Prepared by Daoud Matta, Class 13Date: September 23, 2012

Samman has been so far a successful entrepreneur. He established CMCS, expanded it to new territories with a wide range of products and services, and built reputation and brand recognition. With the ambition to continue growing further, he is concerned about losing control of the business, about staff retention, and about changing his management style. Sammam adopts an “autocratic style of leadership”. He runs the business single-handedly, as an expert, holding all strategic decisions, and monopolizing face interaction with clients. He established a centralized structure with ten direct reports. He deals one-on-one with his managers instead of developing well-functioning teams. He remains the center of communication, motivation and leadership. He adopts “watch it all yourself" mode of operation, and feels he is strongly needed even when he hires very qualified people, as he does not easily delegate what he considers as critical jobs.

The Leadership Grid Model gives Sammam a high score on concern for production and growth (8), and a mildly low concern for people (4) even when he is compensating, motivating and training his people above industry averages. He focuses on developing them as separate individuals instead of developing a cohesive winning team.

Sammam exhibits the traits of a transactional rather than a transformational leader, putting high value on individual transactions and rewards rather than communication and focus on the big picture.

In short, Samman acts more like a competent manager rather than a true leader. CMCS can grow safely in the future if Samman changes his perception of the human dimension of leadership: * He should become...
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