Robin Hood Case Study

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  • Published : October 10, 2013
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What problems does Robin Hood have? What issues need to be addressed?
Robin Hood is facing numerous problems and issues, but I think the most pressing problem is the fact that the band of Merrymen has far outgrown the available resources in Sherwood Forest. Robin Hood’s faith in succeeding by strength in numbers is quickly becoming a contributor to their downfall. Income is low at this point as well, so purchasing supplies, whether near or far, will soon become impossible. If the men aren’t fed, the men can’t function. Not only is the lack of available resources a problem, but the group itself is unorganized and is lacking sufficient leadership. The issue of the group’s decline in vigilance and discipline could lead to dire consequences, especially with the Sheriff actively searching for the band’s weaknesses, and this needs to be resolved immediately. Discuss how these concepts impact Robin’s band of Merrymen: Division of Labor: Other than the select few individuals (to be discussed later), the men have no individual or Specialized tasks. According to Henri Fayol, this concept is beneficial to the organization by allowing the men to specialize in a limited set of activities, thereby becoming more efficient and increasing their output (Carpenter, Bauer, and Erdogan 138). For example, rather than Much being solely in charge of provisioning, several men could now be in charge of smaller aspects of the task. One man could distribute only food, while another could handle arrows and other weapons. This would free up time for Much and give the other men an opportunity to become quite knowledgeable and skilled at their new tasks. Unity of Command: Currently, Robin Hood is the only Commander or Leader of the Merrymen. With the number of members increasing rapidly, he doesn’t know or likely never met most of his men. The men are possibly wasting time and resources attempting the same tasks. If the band was separated out into a more traditional format of Manager, Assistant Manager, Supervisor and so on, each person would only have one person to answer to. This would make the use of resources more efficient, and the men could put their time to better use. Communication on tasks already completed or assigned to an individual would allow the men to focus on other essential tasks. Centralization: All decisions are presumably being made by Robin Hood. The size of the group is entirely too large at this point for Centralized decision making. The Sheriff has been increasing the amount of spies in the area, and if the men should identify one, they need to quickly make a decision regarding the fate of the individual. Waiting for Robin Hood and his top men to make important decisions could result in the spy returning to the Sheriff with vital information or even a matter of life or death to his men. Empowering his men to make decisions would boost morale and confidence among the group as well. Discipline: As the number of members grows, discipline is becoming harder to enforce. If only one person is enforcing the rules (Little John), the men are not likely to take either him or the rules seriously. As discussed with Unity of Command, each man’s direct supervisor would also enforce discipline. It would be much easier to communicate the rules to smaller groups by their group leaders than the less effective process currently in place. Esprit de Corps: This concept speaks of team spirit and unity. Unfortunately the group is much disorganized and there is probably little to no unity in terms of morale or otherwise. The original band was united by their grievances against the Sheriff. As time passed, Robin was no longer concerned with the men’s motivation for joining the team. Cohesion within the group would prove to support motivation and productivity. What Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats are inherent in this case? Strengths:

The men are all excellent archers and thieves and take pride in that fact. •Robin has a...
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